Duncan & Cahill, Inc. is a business serving the area since 1933. We take a personal interest in all our projects. As a family, we grew up in the business that bears our name. We bring honesty and integrity to the table to help our clients fulfill their needs and desires in as productive a way as possible. Understanding our customers and treating them fairly is an underlying factor in all our work.

Our home town of Troy, New York founded in 1791 had a thriving industrial and educational base. Conversions of many of the mill and factory buildings have created a demand for firms experienced in alteration work. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Emma Willard School, Skidmore college are just a few of the school campuses constantly upgrading their facilities. Duncan & Cahill has been proud to answer the demand for these services.

Duncan & Cahill provides pre-construction and construction services to our clients. Our past experience, knowledge of the area market and collaborative approach affords us the ability to provide quality suggestions and services. Focusing on projects within our geographic area assures that we are able to provide exceptional service throughout the construction management process, be it a competitively bid or negotiated project.